Monday, March 14

"It's a Wall Street Government"

It's the same Wall Street "government" that, according to former Stanford University Hoover Scholar Antony Sutton, funded the Bolshevik Revolution and Adolph Hitler's unlikely rise to fascist choir boy--compared to a Wall Street bankster.

I went to bed too early Academy Awards night; I missed Charles Ferguson's winning Best Documentary award for Inside Job, an long overdue expose' of Wall Street's biggest financial heist in human history.

Check out this 1-minute video clip from Ferguson's film:

Yes, Wall Street's heist of Main Street was brought, in part, by the forked-tongue Obama Administration, who also lied about ending the illegally-waged Iraq War.

MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan interviews Ferguson in late September last year--a week before its premier in NYC--and concludes, in part, (1) academic economists, like our DC politicos, are both and paid for by Wall Street banksters and (2) terrible financial crimes are going unprosecuted.


On accepting The Academy's Best Documentary Oscar, Ferguson implicitly castigates Obama's Department of (in)Justice for its colossal failure of enforcement: Not a single Wall Street Executive has been charged.


You may also take minor interest in PBS milk toaster Charlie Rose's recasting of the financial crime as a regulatory issue.

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