Friday, July 7

Classic Clintonian: Strange North American Unions

By 1994, former U.S. President "Bubba" Bill Clinton had conned America with the North American Free Trade Agreement, a border-blurring measure the Teflon-tongued Clinton had told supporters would bring bring them work and higher wages. But as the years passed, so did the jobs and financial capital, immigrating to poorer countries preferred by anti-labor corporate taskmasters.

But NAFTA merely was a dress rehearsal for the Bush White House’s North American Union, a secretive project that CNN's Lou Dobbs recently characterized as "NAFT on steroids." Without quesiton, the plan will end the U.S. Congress, Supreme Court and the borders with Canada and Mexico.

To do his part for Bush and Cheney's fledging NAU, Bubba Bill is seriously currying some intimate Canadian relations.

In reading between the lines of a recent UK report, Clinton the Non-Inhaler is getting between the sheets with Canadian pseudo-royalty and Tory turncoat Belinda Stronach. Listed by Time magazine as one of the planet’s 100 most powerful people, she is the 40-year-old daughter of the fabulously wealthy Frank Stronach, founder of the $10 billion Magna International auto parts empire. (Oh, to be born to powerful rather than have it self-made.)

Ms. Stronach's power, however, resides in finance rather than politics. After her election to a “Conservative riding (constituency)” in Toronto, Ms Stronach changed her political leanings leftward. The politicial betrayal nonetheless won her a minor civil post in former Prime Minister (and NAU instigator) Paul Martin’s cabinet—for all of six months. When Mr. Harper of Alberta relocated to Ottawa, he dispensed with Belinda’s Time-honored power.

So Bill the Betrayer obviously has much to share with Bombshell Belinda, who can become even more politically expedient under Clinton’s tutelage. She certainly has a surprise in store, however, if she is harboring illusions of enduring Clintonian political fidelity once the presidential penis gets that wandering eye or wishes to mimic an Oval Office Cuban cigar.

As far as marital fidelity goes these days, Bill cares naught that this latest skirt-chasing indiscretion is chapping the ass of wife and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, New York's nominal Democrat who already is testing the chopping waters for a run at the White House in 2008. New reports of her husband’s incorrigible philandering surely will not win votes or support in the middle-class American heartland controlled by the Republicans.

Then again, Hillary, who perhaps is her own worst political enemy, is signaling to voters she plans to betray “traditional Democratic values” (whatever that phrase might mean in America’s 21st-century schizophrenic political landscape). She accepted an invitation by Australian ultra-conservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch, owner of the liberally reviled Fox News cable network and the a post-9/11 poster child for unchecked corporate greed, to host a July fundraiser for the good woman senator of New York.

Politics certainly do make for strange in- and out-of- bedfellows. But can’t these neo-conic liberals north and south of our disappearing border take a clue from racist GOP leaders to change their sheets before savagng the innocents?

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