Thursday, July 20

Trading American Fascism for Canada

The friendly patriots over at MSNBC want to know how 9/11 has changed my life.

Their sensitive preamble for prompting me to send in my story of transformation is so precious I must include it here:

From subtle shifts to complete transformations, the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, changed the lives of millions of Americans. First, of course, there were those who faced the devastation of losing family and friends, as well as those who witnessed the attacks or were uprooted from their homes and workplaces in and around the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Then there were the thousands of reservists who were called up to serve in America’s armed forces or made the decision to join up and serve in the armed forces.

And then there are the less obvious effects of being in a country that no longer feels comparatively cushioned from the troubles of the rest of the world.

If your life was transformed in some way by 9/11, we would like to hear from you. As part of a special section marking the fifth anniversary of the worst attack on the United States since Pearl Harbor, we will be featuring the stories of how ordinary Americans were affected by an extraordinary act of hatred.

Don’t delay. Use the form below to send us your story today.

Obliging my fellow Americans at MSNBC, I immediately sent them my post-9/11 American story, included here:

As an American, the 9/11 terrorist attacks have victimized my life in two key ways. First, the attacks have occasioned my Orwellian government to declare protracted preemptive war based on dubious evidence. Then a "Patriot" Act enacted without congressional debate made any breach of law sufficient grounds for treating me as a terrorist suspect, including breaking the law by illegally snooping on my phone calls and emails.

"Americans need to be very careful about what they say, about what they do" warned former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleisher of the Bush administration's impending post-9/11 repression of speech and thought.

Then America's mainstream media's ostrich-like response to these developments means the laudable Fourth Estate is dead. Resident MSNBC pussy Tucker Carlson's on-air insults last November of BYU physics professor Steven Jones’ research demonstrating the WTC collapsed from pre-set bombs is merely one of myriad egregious examples of media complicity to restrict the range of ideas that inform public debate on 9/11. Rather than a public watchdog, I see TV and the press only abetting America's steady descent into a stylized American fascism that would do the Third Reich proud.

I expect the small power elite controlling U.S. elections to offer only presidential candidates with prepackaged fascist policies masked by patriotic posturing. But the media's role in legitimating their crimes and misdemeanors is my impetus to leave America for Canada by year's end.

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