Saturday, July 29

WTC Explosions and a Missing Plane at the Pentagon

As the United States nears the fifth anniversary of its transformative 9/11 terrorist attacks--an event the White House used to justify its "war on terrorism" fostering more terrorism and its savaging of civil liberties to preserve democracy--I am remined of a friend's sage counsel about TV news coverage:

"You see better the reality of an crisis by paying closer attention to TV's initial unscripted coverage than its sanitized follow-up."

Applying that advise to live 9/11 coverage presents challenges to The Official Story (TOS), i.e., that 19 al-Qaeda terrorists crashed four planes in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania, killing 3000 innocents because the Arab world resents American "freedoms."

Consider this visual 9/11 counter-evidence to TOS:

1. In reporting live from the Pentagon as smoke billowed in the background, CNN's Jamie McIntyre states he sees no evidence a plane crashed into America's military headquarters. (But in a recent sanitized follow-up, McIntyre says the assessment of the damage to the Pentagon in that clip was misconstrued.)

2. Injured WTC workers, police officiers and emergency workers told on-site TV crews they heard explosions after the planes crashed intoWTC#1 and WTC#2.

What could possibly account for these loud and clearly distinct explosions? One scientist has evidence that will surprise you.

3. Dr. Steven Jones, a physics professor at Utah's ultra-conservative Brigham Young University, published a professional paper claiming the WTC collapse is better explained by "pre-set" bombs laced with thermite/thermate. That explanation accounts for the signature "pancaking" collapse of WTC #1 and #2 associated with controlled demolitions, which, indicentially, occured with WTC#7 around 5:20PM on the afternoon of 11 September. Most Americans still believe only two WTC buildings collapsed that day.

In November 2005, MSNBC's Tucker Carlson interviewed Jones but refused the meek professor's repeated requests to show a video clip of WTC#7's collapse from a controlled demolition.

TOS proponents would have you believe them rather than your own eyes.

In late June, a group of American scholars provided audiences with additional compelling details on some of this marginalized 9/11 video coverage at a Los Angeles symposium. Last Saturday (July 29), C-SPAN televised 105 minutes of the scholars' remarks, a program the network will reprise August 1 at 6:10PM.

As the word keeps geting out, more Americans are grasping the profound revelations that continue to emerge from the 9/11 Truth Movement.

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