Thursday, August 3

9/11 Truth Watch: MIT Engineer Explains Controlled Demolition of World Trade Center

Thirty-eight days until the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on America

Along with Dr. Steven Jones, a physics professor from Utah's ultraconservative Brigham Young University, Jeff King of MIT has provided unimpeachable scientific evidence (see video segment below) that preset explosives inside the World Trade Center caused the free-fall collapse of three buildings on 9/11.

Did you say "three buildings"? That's correct, three. Most American are unaware that WTC #7 systematically fell into its own footprint at 5:20 PM, 11 September 2001, a crash exhibiting the signature "pancaking" effect seen in controlled demolitions. For unexplained reasons, the 9/11 Commission Final Report neglected to tell Americans about WTC #7's unusual collapse.

In November, MSNBC's Tucker Carlson interviewed Steven Jones about his recently published scientific paper revealing thermite, an over-the-counter fire accerlate, appeared in samples of WTC rubble Jones had analyzed. Jones claimed "preset bombs" containing thermite better explains the WTC's unlikely collapses than The Official Story of crashed commerical jetliners.

But when Jones asked Carlson to "cue up" his clip of WTC#7's collapse the professor sent MSNBC prior to his interview, the show's producers refused. If you watch Jones's interview, the mild-mannered professor asked Carlson three times on-air to show the clip. In public statements after his interview, Jones claimed MSNBC and Carlson had sandbagged him.

MSNBC viewers that evening missed their opportunity to be America's first television audience to witness definitive visual evidence of controlled demolitions at the WTC. On the other hand, Oliver Stone has included a clip of WTC#7's suspicious collapse in his new film World Trade Center, slated for an August 9 theatrical release.

The 9/11 Final Report also neglected the numerous post-crash explosions reported to onsite TV news crews, a point noted in the first minute of King's taped lecture. The ten-commissioner 9/11 panel received professional assistance from former CIA DirectorJames R. Woosely in keeping that evidence from public view.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg hired Woosely for his considerable psy-ops talents to gag NYC employees from going to the media with that kind of privileged information. But within weeks of the attacks, gutsy NY fire department officials began taping hundreds of oral histories of emergency personnel deployed to the WTC on 9/11 to attend to the fires and injured. Many of those interviews mentioned the explosions.

When the New York Times learned in 2002 of FDNY's 9/11 Oral History project, the paper sought copies of those interviews from the NYC government. But the Bloomberg administration refused. Joining with families of 9/11 victims, the paper filed suit and on August 12, 2005, a New York court of appeals forced Bloomberg to hand over the information. The Times then posted transcripts of all 503 FDNY oral histories on its website.

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