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9/11 Fifth Anniversary Flashback: Bay Area Whistleblower Unhinges 9/11 Commission's Public Whitewash Crew

Like most Americans, I found myself asking how I missed hearing about the exploits of the intrepid former Soviet national Gypsy Taub (photo right), who left her native Russia in 1986 to become an American.

In 2004, Taub's belief that post-9/11 America too closely resembled the Soviet police state she had left convinced the mother of three to pursue a series of disruptive acts of public disobedience. White Henry David Thoreau would have been proud of her civil disobedience, it isn't exactly the kind of story the New York Times or Fox Network News deems suitable for public dissemination.

Taub never made Laura and George Bush's Holiday greeting card list, but she did happen upon a novel method for capturing the attention off 9/11 "independent" commissioners long enough to convince them that not all American think they did a credible job investigating the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks.

Whistle if You Hear a Lying Fascist

Following publication of the panel's Final Report of 9/11 findings in July 2004, the commissioners and selected staffers hit the national public speaking circuit to congratulate themselves on how well they met their presidential mandate to investigate the most heinous crime perpetuated on the American people in the last sixty years.

As a former resident of a police state, Ms Taub was not about to bend over the proverbial desk and take it standing up with the quiet graciousness typical of American heartland sheeple.

No, some 9/11 panel members had the unfortunate luck of the draw to speak in California's Bay Area--a controlled Richard Ben-Vineste in San Francisco, a timidly coward suit also named Phillip Zeilkow nailed twice in Palo Alto and a professorial but deer-caught-in-the-headlight surprised Jamie Gorelick in San Francisco--where Taub brandished her trusty police whistle and disrupted the merry charade by yelling questions ignored in their final report that author and philosophy professor Dr. David Ray Griffin appropriately labeled "a 571-page lie."

Watch the riveting 8:24-minute video clip below revealing how well Ms Taub has taken to heart her adopted country's constitutional freedom to dissent from an opinion the American public is obliged to accept at face value.

Recyling Moonshine to the Recently Sober

While lacking Ms Taub's flamboyant style of truth-seeking, many Americans now embrace her view the 9/11 terrorist attacks were an "inside job" by strategically-positioned government officials and private beneficiaries. Results of a joint Scripps-Howard/Ohio University opinion pool released August 2nd reveal 36% of Americans now believe “that federal officials either participated in the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon or took no action to stop them.”

Appearing on the national interview circuit the very day of the poll's release were 9/11 Commission chief bipartisan sanitizers Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton. It seems they coincidentally rematerialized to acknowledge their hearings in effect had been politically compromised by purposely misleading testimony from Pentagon and NORAD officials.

[Note: Listen to 9/11 bestselling author David Ray Griffin tell Bay Area Guns and Butter radio host Bonnie Faulkner (3- August 2006; "The NORAD Audio Tapes: Real or Faked") how Kean and Hamilton's startling revelation reflects a third version Kean and Hamilton now are shopping to the public to resolve critical inconsistences in their Final Report for why NORAD failed to scramble jets to intercept the hijacked commerical airliners on 11 September. Griffin claims NORAD tapes allegedly made on 9/11 that Kean and Hamiliton cite to base their revised claim--that the Pentagon and NORAD officials didn't actually lie in their testimony but were merely confused--are counterfiet. --Moose]

But Kean and Hamilton weren't giving up all their new 9/11 thunder in sit-down press interviews. No, if we want full access to that privileged information, we must purchase their jointly authored new book
Without Precedent ($29.95) to learn why they opted in their first collaborative "final report" on 9/11 ($10) not to tell the American public who paid their salaries and their final product after a twenty month investigation the full story: why they failed to follow-up on suspected purjuried NORAD and military testimonies but passed that charge on to inspector generals of two other federal agencies.

But if you're willing to pay asking price for that recycled moonshine, good folks, let me first tell you about some prime South Louisianan real estate I have here in my portfolio.

With her firsthand expereince of how police state officials spin propaganda, Gypsy Taub can teach us Americans a little something about how to recognize fascist spin and abruptly confront them and their lies on their own home turf.

Postscript: After Ms Taub whistled down 9/11 Commission members, talk show host Alex Jones interviewed her on his internet radio program where she discusses how she landed in the Bay Area and came to feel her civil disobedience was necessary. Last April, the USA Today featured her in a story on the growing number of Americans doubting The Official 9/11 Story packaged and sold by the 9/11 Commissioners and White House. Ms Taub also sells DVDs of her whistleblowing exploits online.

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