Tuesday, September 26

New Nimmo Documentary Fingers US for Supporting 9/11 Hijackers

Yesterday, director and editor Kurt Nimmo posted at 9/11 Blogger an excerpt (part 11) of his new 9/11 documentary The Underlying Politics of 9/11.

The 10-minute segment is incediary. In part, it reveals the strategic roles in the 9/11 attacks of US billionaire David Rockefeller and his protege Henry Kissinger, who is no stranger to terrorist war crimes and was George Bush's initial appoitment as 9/11 Commission chair.

Nimmo's film also provides viewers with staggering evidence, all judiciously scrubed from the Kean-Hamilton-Zelikow 9/11 Commission Final Report, implicaticating George Bush and the US intelligence community, particularly the FBI.

Demonstrating a keen eye for visual esthetics, Nimmo adroitly embeds a collage of shots from vintage 9/11-era video reports and post-9/11 mainstream news headlines to support a riveting voice-over lecture by Ralph Schoenman, an author and verteran peace activist who also served as former Secretary General of the International Tribunal on U.S. War Crimes in Indochina.

Below I've excerpted part 1 (9 minutes) of Nimmo's video. To obtain a broadcast quality DVD of his documentary, contact him at k.nimmo at comcast.net.

The day after Nimmo posted video excerpts of his new documentary, 9/11 Blogger's Reprehensor posted a transcript of a 24 September lecture by Peter Dale Scott at the University of California. Titled "The 9/11 Report and Ali Mohamed, Al Qaeda's Chief Terrorism Trainer," point #3 of the lecture reveals that Ai Mohamed, though linked to the World Trade Center attack in 1993 and bombing of the US Embassy in Kenya in 1998, had been a protected CIA and FBI asset since 1988. While the evidentiary trail also indicates he trained some of the 9/11 hijackers, Scott points out the 9/11 Commission Final Report omitted that critical piece of information.

Update: On 8 October, Scott expanded his Berkeley lecture for this written piece at GlobalRearch.ca titled "How the FBI protected Al Qaeda’s 9/11 Hijacking Trainer:
New Revelations about Ali Mohamed."

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