Wednesday, September 27

Oh, Boss Murdoch's Gonna Make Heads Roll at Fox News...

I have an amazing news flash for you. Earlier this month, an anonymous producer at Fox News Network sneaked a 3-minute report on-air about US voting fraud that curiously resembled investigative journnalism.

Sometime between September 3 to September 17, FOX and Friends First cohosts Steve Doocy and Alisyn Camerota had Princeton computer science Professor Ed Felten demonstrate the ease of hacking into a Diebold electronic voting machine and manipulating final vote counts.

Watch Felten's demonstration below.

With midterm elections five weeks away, Felton certainly knows how to bolster confidence in computerized voting. My thanks to News Hounds for posting this story.

A simiar incedinary vote fraud story appeared earlier this week in Ohio. On Monday (25 September), Bob Fitrakis and Harvery Wasserman at The Free Press in Columbus reported Judge Algernon Marbley of the federal district court in Columbus ruled in favor of city residents who fied a suit to halt Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell's order to destory state ballots cast in the 2004 elections until investigators complete their inspection for for irregularties.

According to Fitrakis and Wasserman,

So far, even the limited inspection of ballots has yielded astonishing results. Three precincts in two counties have shown consecutive runs of Bush votes that qualify as “virtual statistical impossibilities.”
Should we forget, Ohio's voting anamolies were no accident. In August 2003, the Cleveland Plains Dealer reported that Walden O'Dell, at the time chief executive for the Ohio-based Diebold, mailed out invitations for a $1,0o0-a-plate fundraisng dinner for the reelection campaign of George Bush in which O'Dell stated "he is 'committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year'."

O'Dell obviously is a man of his word. On the other had, it's unlikely the Bush White House has yet to invalidate enough of the criminal code or judges' judicial common sense that the good folks in Columbus can't ensure some heads roll in Ohio--and Washington, D.C.

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