Thursday, September 21

Part II: Canadian Action Party and Vive le Canada Confirm North American Union De Facto Government Met Secretly in Alberta

A Second Secret North American Union Forum Meeting at Banff Springs Hotel

On 19 September, Connie Fogal (right), a leader of the Canadian Action Party, forwarded me an article appearing that day on the website of Vive le Canada, a online grassroots news service "to protect and improve Canadian sovereignties and democracy."

The group's founder Susan Thompson reported secret documents leaked by an unnamed whistleblower to her organization detailed secret meetings at Alberta's Banff Springs Hotel from September 12-14 among members of the North American Forum, a group of prominent US, Canadian and Mexican leaders in charge of the "harmonization" of the three nations' economies, legislatures and judicial systems.

Thompson's report claims Canadian mainstream media have ignored the threat to Canada’s national sovereignty proposed by the North American Union, which some American critics claim the Bush White House has quietly encouraged through its open border policy with Mexico.

Our national media stays silent and so Canadians remain unaware that their own CCCE and most powerful politicians are pushing for integration with the U.S. and Mexico completely outside of the usual democratic process. The only newspaper to report anything on this as yet is the Banff Crag & Canyon, which is publishing an article on the conference today thanks to information provided by Mel Hurtig.

Check out the list provided by Ms Thompson of tri-national luminaries attending the confab and their three-day meeting agenda at Banff Springs Hotel here.

On September 20 the Vive le Canada's 19 September alert was picked up by the Toronto Star and reported under the headline "Getting Closer to Uncle Sam," which Thompson reproduced here. The Star's article appears at its website here.

Postscript: On 19 September Canadian Action Party Connie Fogal leader forwarded me an email--along with every sitting member of Canada's current parliament--detailing duplicitious Bush White House public statements about the North American Union. Later, I discovered journalist Wayne Madsen on September 8 suggested that disassociation from reality could be explained by the Bush clain's early land speculation in Texas on behalf of business associates in Saudi Arabia and China. See my 19 September blog entry "Canadian Action Party Exposes White House Posturing on North American Union."

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