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Scholars for 9/11 Truth Track Developments of North American Union

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In the post-9/11 era, American conserveratives and liberals find few flashpoint political issues that garner bipartisan support. The impending North American Union isn't one of them. The links below excerpted from the Scholars for 9/11 Truth to articles by dissenting authors at both ends of America's political spectrum confirm that point.

ST9/11 founder Dr. James Fetzer has not slowed down since recently retiring from his professorship at the Univerisity of Minnesota- Duluth Philosophy Department. He righty sees himself as a man on a critical mission helping Americans wake up to a terrible fact: that the Bush administration staged 9/11 to justify hijacking America country via a 21st-century styled fascism that would make Hitler and the Third Reich tingle with envy.

But lost in the wealth of online information ST9/11 offers readers on its homepage are the links below, buried in the next-to-last "Perspectives" section near the right bottom of the page. In varying depths of outrage, they chronicle the evolving travesty of the White House's North American Union--a done-deal receiving no legislative or judicial oversight in the US, Canada and Mexico. Without the opportunity of public debate, those people in those countries will be uncerermoniously rolled up into a socioeconomic-political amalgam resembling the European and African Unions.

(Rumor control has it that the American power elite is now seeking to "unionize" Asia in its ongoing preemptive globalist agenda to consolidate power and weath-making among the privileged few here and abroad.)

On first learning about the NAU and its egregious breach of the democratic process, I began this blog in July by writing on that topic. More recently, I've posted entries further exploring connections between the NAU and 9/11.

After discovering that one million Texans will be the first Americans removed from their homes in preparation for construction of the NASCO/NAFTA super highway begining next year (see links below), I've listed in the right margin links to resources and groups in the state contesting the theft of their homes and properties.

While few details have yet been published, Americans in ten other states also will lives ripped apart by the highway. See this map of the proposed US construction route, also linked in the right margin.

That Dr. Fetzer and his ST9/11 colleagues include these links on their website suggests they also believe the North American Union is a derivative project of the White House's fascist agenda launched five years ago in the wake of terrorist attacks it staged on America.

Timeline of the Progress Toward a North American Union Vive le Canada News Service

North American Union Threat gets Attention of Congressmen: Resolution aimed at blocking merger, funding of 'NAFTA superhighways' 2 October 2006, World Net Daily

Do you believe there should be a federal investigation of U.S. government efforts to support a North American Union? 29 September 2006, CNN Poll, Lou Dobbs

Documents Reveal Bush/CFR "Administrative Coup D'etat" of America: Bush 'super-state' agenda to create American Union is now official 28 September 2006,, Steve Watson, Paul Watson & Alex Jones

General Peter Pace replaced Secretary Rumsfeld at 2006 North American Forum 28 September 2006,, Ed Haas

Top secret: Banff security meeting attracted U.S., Mexico officials
21 September 2006,, CBC News

The very real NAFTA superhighway
29 August 29, 2006,, Joseph Farah

The NAFTA Super Highway 29 August 2006,, Patrick J. Buchanan

The NAFTA Super Highway 23 August 2006,, Phyllis Schlafly

Bush Mortgages U.S. to China Over NAFTA Trade
23 August 2006,, Jerome R. Corsi


Shipping-Corridor Deal Cuts Heart Out of Heartland 7 August 2006,, Phyllis Schlafly

CNN Lou Dobbs brings us a segment on a proposed "North American Union"
25 Jun 2006, CNN, Lou Dobbs (youtube)

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