Sunday, November 26

CNN's Lou Dobbs Belatedly Calls for Real 9/11 Investigation to Finger Those Already Fingered

Since banishing commercial TV from my home, I fail to catch those rare post-9/11 moments of investigative journalism that somehow slip by network and cable TV news censors.

As Working America's lone voice in TV news' wilderness of irrelevancy, Lou Dobbs recently scored a minor victory for 9/11 Truth when he told viewers in the first clip below that "Americans still don't know the whole truth about their government's initial response to those terrorist attacks."

Lou, there's much more 9/11 truth--such as their government's complicity in those attacks--Americans should know, but, hey, considering the restricted soapbox from where you speak, kudos for saying what's so patently obvious to many of us.

Lou's report explores allegations made in Without Precedent (cost: $29.95), a kiss-and-tell book co-authored by 9/11 Commission co-chairs Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, men pocked with numbing conflicts of interest that nullify any putative claim of "independence."

In their book, the dynamic duo write that NORAD and Pentagon officials were purposely misleading in testimonies to the Commission about their responses to the 9/11 attacks. Kean and Hamilton knew of those disparities in testimony before their release of the 9/11 Commission Final Report ($10) in July 2004. But rather than include an appendix in their final report, they opted to pass the responsibility on to inspector generals at the Departments of Defense and Transportation.

Kean and Hamilton's "revelations" of flawed testimony surfaced on the same day in August that a Ohio University/Scripts-Howard survey reported 36% of Americans believe their government was either complicit or covered up foreknowledge of the terrorist attacks on America.

Kean, Hamilton and Phillip Zelikow, the 9/11 Commission's executive director with his own considerable conflicts of interest, made critical compromises that invalidated the investigation by helping the White House hide the truth about 9/11, to include reneging on promised subpoenas to force White House testimony and release of classified pre-9/11 documents.

On 14 November 2003, the New York Times also reported a Faustian deal that allowed the White House to edit documents before turning them over to the panel.

“The commission investigating the Sept. 11 terror attacks said on Thursday that its deal with the White House for access to highly classified Oval Office intelligence reports would let the White House edit the documents before they were released to the commission’s representatives. The agreement, announced on Wednesday, has led to the first public split on the commission. Two Democrats on the 10-member panel say that the commission should have demanded full access to the intelligence summaries, known as the President’s Daily Brief, and that the White House should not be allowed to determine what is relevant to the investigation.”

According to CNN, 9/11 Commissioner and former Georgia Senator Max Cleland was so outraged by the concession to the White House that he resigned from the panel, saying “This is a scam. It’s disgusting. America is being cheated.”

The scam included prohibiting testimony from NYC Ground Zero 9/11 firemen, a group the FBI had officially gagged from discussing allegations of explosions going off throughout the WTC. On 13 May 2004 the New York Post reported that “The city’s [New York’s] top fire union officials have asked to testify at 9/11 commission hearings next week, but the commission says the hearings are "reserved for people in authority."

"We have only asked the people who have had or still have the legal responsibility for agencies in charge of emergency response," commission spokesman Al Felzenberg said....‘This is an independent hearing," he said. "It has the right to draw up its own witness list."

Oh yea, man.

Postscript: It's been around for months, but I must pass along this clip from rap groups Immortal Technique and Mos Def titled "bin Laden" that let's us know "Bush Knocked Down the Towers."

...and this clip suggesting that 9/11 and the Iraq War were courtesy of America's "military-industrial complex," a phrase coined in 1961 by retiring US president Dwight D. Eisenhower, War II's Supreme Allied Commander.

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