Tuesday, January 30

Additional 9/11 Deaths and Faux Denial

New York state is investigating the mounting deaths of 9/11 first responders as Rep. Dennis Kucinich, on the record saying the Bush White House had foreknowledge of 9/11 but refused to act, recants to gussy up his image for a run at the White House in 2008.

The New York Post reported Sunday (28 January) that more than 100 9/11 first responders-- police, firefighters, paramedics--are believed to have died from the toxic exposure at the World Trade Center. New York state is funding an investigation into those deaths.

According to 9/11 Blogger's Jon Gold, these deaths should be added to the 2973 officials deaths at the World Trade Center of 9/11.

According to the Post:

The state has launched the first study of deaths among World Trade Center rescue and recovery workers - a grim toll that now exceeds 100, officials told The Post.

With a $165,000 federal grant from 9/11 health czar John Howard, the state is contributing at least twice that in staff and resources to study what killed the cops, firefighters and other workers who have died after searching for survivors or helping in the cleanup.

"We want to know about every death, so we can evaluate any patterns with fatalities," said Kitty Gelber, chief epidemiologist with the state Bureau of Occupational Health. "People need to let us know who was there and who died."

Read the rest of the story here.

Politics certainly is a strange contact sport. A month before Democrats assumed control of Congress last December, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) reported his party's congressional leadership had pulled a "bait-and-switch" on the American electorate on the Iraq War. Though campaigning on a "new direction" for the Iraq War, Kucinich fingered them for reneging of that party promise.

But now the "progressive" Democrat done a switch-a-roo on 9/11 not unlike that of his leaders, according to DZ at 9/11 Blogger.

You might recall a post almost a year ago when Kucinich said:

Do we see a pattern here? 9/11? Katrina? They knew something was going to happen and they didn't act.

Interestingly enough the following article is from just 11 days ago and seems to take a different position in regards to Kucinich:

Kucinich Office says, "9/11 is over...it's past" -- Review of 9/11 Report not a priority - 911citizenswatch.org

DZ, they already are gearing up for the '08 Prez race. As a putative Democratic candidate for the White House, Denny is obligated to develop a comparable level of public amnesia and distraction as the other 43 candidates who are competing for the chance to warm their sell-out buns in Boy George's old seat.

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