Wednesday, February 21

"Bring the Soldiers Home Now"

A medley of populist protest songs and short vid clips against the illegal war in Iraq.

Listen to "The Loading Zone," a song courtesy of a 51-year-old Florida Republican. See his website "Why Billy Why."

When it comes to the war in Iraq, 8-mile rapper Jerry Mathers of Detroit sings it clear and true.

After lying about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, Boy George tells the insurgents to "Bring'em on."

Before Senator Carl Levin of Michigan became a Democrat committee chair with subpoena power in the 110th Congress and developed amnesia, he unequivocally knew the White House had "lied" American into an illegal war in Iraq.

Vietnam vet Marine Tom Chelston sings a tribute to his Iraq War brother soldiers who have been "Bushwhaced" in that "bullshit" White House war.

Tom Chelston sings another one for "Veterans for Peace." Bring the troops home--now.

Seether sings "All is Not Okay," for the troops in Iraq, dedicating the song to Douglas Barber who, unable to received help from the Veterans Administrations, committed suicide before he could be helped.

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