Sunday, February 11

John Conner: Power to the 9/11 Resistance

The name "John Conner" is embedded in Hollywood movie lore in the Terminator film series, ostensibly a Arnold Schwarzeneger vehicle. But it is Conner who travels back in time to lead the forces of freedom in a counterattack against an alien invasion of the Free World.

John Conner now lives in Southern California and very much wants you to know the latest attack on democracy was launched with the 9/11 attacks on America, which he is convinced as "an inside job." You will enjoy his video and audio collection at The Resistance Manifesto named after his book. For example, in his "John Conner Visits Hollywood" clip, our hero defiles Schwarzeneger's Hollywood star on Hollywood and Vine; Schwarzeneger, after all, has rejoined the alien attackers.

John is nothing if not zestfully persistent in confronting those who be believes are covering up the truth about 9/11; most of the time, they are the guys on Fox News Network. In the clip below, Conner reveals how to get through Fox's automated answering system to leave messages to hosts on show ideas, as he does with Col. Oliver North of Iran-Contra fame. Apparently, Conner has worn down the resolves of Sean Hannity, Alan Colmes and Bill O'Reilly.

Not long after UCLA campus security officers tazed a 23-year-old American student of Iranian descent for not showing his ID, Conner took his 9/11 resistance to that campus, evoking only a few uncomfortable moments and a passing reference to the incident when campus security officers asked him for identification.

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