Tuesday, March 27

Briton, Syrian-Canadian Educate Americans on "Legalized Tyranny" Hidden in Military Commissions Act

In the 10-minute video segment below, CNN host Anderson Cooper interviews Andrew Sullivan, a conservative journalist with the good sense to be distressed over the Military Commissions Act, a piece of fascist legislation passed by congress and signed into law by George Bush last October.

Sullivan characterizes the bill, which he says uses "deliberately confusing" language wide open to selective interpretation, as "legalized tyranny." Arguing that "90%" of Iraqis detained at Abu Ghraib and "dozens" of Muslims incarcerated at Camp Delta in Cuba were tortured but innocent of any charges, Sullivan believes innocent Americans eventually will be subjected to similar fates.

That interview is followed by a another with Maher Arar, the 36-year-old Syrian-born Canadian software engineer the U.S. convinced Canadian authorities to deport to Syria as an al-Qaeda suspect. For ten months, Arar endured horrific torture by his Syrian captives, only to be cleared of all charges by a two-year Canadian inquiry into the matter.

Last December Milkhouse Mouse posted MSNBC news host Keith Olbermann's interview with Georgetown University constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley on the Military Commission Act's liberty-bashing implications for ordinary Americans.

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