Wednesday, March 7

U.S. Crimes Against Humanity: Directed-Laser Weaponry Bakes Iraqis

Posted to earlier this month, the 3-minute U.S. military- produced vid clip below features an innovative point-and-shoot laser pulsing weapon that, according to an accompanying online blurb, remains in development at the Northrop Grumman Corporation. (An 8-minute version of that clip also is available.)

Called the "Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser," MTHEL is a new order of killing machine. The firing demonstrations featured in the clip circa 2000-2001, but even then it easily exploded--in flight, in varying combinations--artillery shells, mortar rounds and rockets. You begin to realize this weapon eventually will take out even larger rockets or even aircraft, perhaps nuclear missile warheads as well.

Watch and get an appreciation for MTHEL's awesome power when a team of computer techies direct its infrared beams onto flying targets.

Now the difficult part. The 25-minute Italian TV report that follows claims that in 2003, during the US/UK-Iraqi battle for Baghdad's international airport, an "experimental" laser weapon resembling MTHEL's awesome capabilities was directed at Iraqis, many of them civilians in cars and buses trying to dodge the fighting.

As the report reveals, the U.S. military was rather ham-fisted in its attempt to physically cover up the aftermath.

Though the Italian TV report was posted to Google video last May, it has received surprising few views; it's difficult viewing. Around the 4:30 minute mark, an Iraqi doctor confides to the Italians his dismay and horror at seeing people brought into his hospital with injuries he had never before witnessed.

I found the Italian report last November and sent the Google video URL along with the email below to a mailing list of international Red Cross employees that includes U.S. Red Cross chapter executive directors.

Dear Red Crossers:

If you are brave enough to watch, the URL I've provided below offers you a small window onto the hell we Americans have allowed to be loosened on Iraqi innocents in our name and with our tax dollars.

Aren't you even remotely interested in knowing some of the real news coming out of Iraq, scrubbed from US reports, broadcast in Europe? Then here's your chance.

But I should warn you; the disturbing 25-minute TV news report by two Italian videographers (in English) graphically reveals the US military's deployment of illegal beam and energy-pulsing weaponry in Iraq. It isn't pretty.

If you choose to watch, perhaps you then are sufficiently moved to circulate the link among family and friends. I, for one, think American crimes against humanity documented in the report should abruptly end. I believe you will think so, too.

"Star Wars in Iraq," by Maurizio Torrealta and Sigfrido Ranucci for RAI 24 News,

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