Monday, April 16

Bobby Kennedy's Secret CIA/Mafia/Cuban Assassination Team for Castro Turned Weapons on Brother

Am I the only American who missed this History Channel broadcast?

Nigel Turner Productions, a British documentary team, in its 1995 production for the History Channel, "The Men Who Killed Kennedy" (Part VI), provides some startling revelations into the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, a death that still, as the program shows, can still induce tears among those touched by the heady "Camelot" myth fostered by his brief administration.

The amazing industry-developed phototronics imaging program developed by Tom Wilson is astounding, although it's unlikely you never heard of his pioneering work in examining photographs of Kennedy's assassination and pre- and post-autopsy pictures.

Here's a synopsis of what the filmmakers conclude:

Rogue CIA agents in conjunction with their contracted Mafia hit team for assassinating Cuban dictator Fidel Castro via Project Freedom, a secret program U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy ran out of his office, developed their own respective set of grievances against Kennedy occasioned them turning their gun sights on the president instead, since Castro proved uncannily resistant to years of US-backed attempts on his life that Richard Nixon initiated when he was Eisenhower's Vice-President.

Mafia kingpins certainly felt Bobby's mounting vendetta against their criminal activities was a slap in the face after they threw the 1960 election to Kennedy in Chicago. Similarly, the CIA had its complaints against Kennedy: his perceived lack of support in their failed Bay of Pigs invasion to topple Castro, which royally pissed off CIA director Allen Dulles, who Kennedy fired for mishandling the fiasco; Kennedy's ensuing vow after chief rogue Dulles publicly embarrassed him to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces and spread them to the wind; his impending withdrawal of U.S. Special Forces advisers and regular troops from Vietnam.

This is the most intellectually believable scenario for Kennedy's death that implicates both the U.S. government and the Mafia--which essentially supports Oliver Stone's 1991 Academy- Award nominated film JFK. So take that, Washington Post and George Will.

But there's one final chapter that must be told next in his 43-year-old murder mystery: George Herbert Walker Bush's role as a CIA agent in Kennedy's death.

Postscript: Bush Sr. has long maintained he had no contact with the CIA until President Gerald Ford appointed him CIA director in 1976. In January, investigative journalist Russ Baker reported that recently released CIA documents revealed Bush had oil business dealings with a covert CIA agent in the 1950s.

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