Friday, June 29

Comedienne Kathy Griffin Skewers NeoCon Poster Girl Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter is to the written word what Paris Hilton is to cinematic art.

Ever in pursuit of The Outrageous to promote her liberal-baiting books and syndicated column, Coulter's guerrilla theater style caught up with her in 2006. In July, she was outed for plagiarism in her book Godless: the Church of Liberalism. That she could publicly show her face again in public after that one attests to the perceptiveness and attention span of her readership.

Then in November she was charged with electoral felony, i.e. voting in the wrong Florida precinct in the midterm elections; the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office cleared her in April, "concluding 'there was insufficient probable cause to determine that Ann Coulter willfully or deliberately' violated any laws." That finding in First Brother Jeb Bush's old pirate haunts reads as impartial as the Bush Justice Department.

Coulter's adolescence blossomed again his spring when called Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards "a faggot" as she shared the podium with a right wing U.S. Marine previously involved in gay porn. Just days ago (26 June), Edwards' wife Elizabeth called in to Chris Mattews MSNBC show Hardball on location to denounce Coulter's salacious mudslinging, much to the delight of Mattews and his audience.

But just before she was nailed for plagiarism, perhaps the nadir of the Coulter style was when she bashed on Fox TV wives of victims who perished in the Nine Eleven terrorist attacks, claiming they were "'self-obsessed' and enjoying their husbands' deaths." In her book Godless, she also wrote: “I've never seen people enjoying their husbands' deaths so much.”

In the clip below, Kathy Griffin sends up the NeoCon's favorite trailer trash girl with some language even Coulter can understand.

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