Tuesday, June 19

Senator Ted Stevens' No-Bid Contract for Eskimos to Eradicate Bolivian Blow

By design or accident, officialdom's stage curtain that's shielded those guilty of rampant contract fraud on Bush's corporate-friendly Dictator Watch parted a smidge again today, allowing us a brief peak into Capitol Hill's U.S. Treasury's looting party.

Words can't do justice of Frequent Looter Club member and Senator Ted Stevens' (R-AK) efforts to pillage from behind the protective curtain.

See Michael Scherer's 19 June Salon.com must-read story "What Ted Stevens, Bolivian cocaine and Halliburton have in common/Or, how the Alaskan Inupiat Eskimos got a no-bid contract in South America from the U.S. government"; Scherer does justice to Stevens' Jabba the Hud-ish nose for crime, sensibilities honed over an extended tenure as a--and I move my tongue to my other cheek before writing this--"DC lawmaker."

And don't you find it simply amazing that VP Dick Cheney's old company has an unfailing instinct to ferret out and involve itself in most of DC's post-9/11 no-bid contract abuses?

In 2006, apparently in an attempt to prevent disclosure of his Eskimo cocaine eradication plan, Stevens anonymously blocked fellow Republican Senator Tom Coburn's "porkbuster database bill"--also called the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act--that would have made the public more aware of how Stevens and his ilk spend tax dollars.

As part of its ongoing probe into Stevens, the FBI today also questioned the senator's aides about his relationship to "Bill Allen, a contractor who has pleaded guilty to bribing Alaska legislators."

Here's a newsflash for the FBI's Capitol Hill corruption probe team: Many others sharing Ted Stevens' knack for looting remain too comfortably seated in the House and Senate--on both sides of the aisle.

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