Saturday, July 21

"24-Font" Democrat War Anger at Senate PJ- Party

Not only did the Senate Democrats fail again this week to advance proposals for a pullout, they show in much broader ways that they have not changed course at all. They may want to end the war bungled by Republicans, but they refuse to end the escalation of the American war machine.--Boston Globe, 21 July 2007

Comedy Central's Jon Stewart gives "pussy" Democrat Senators a well-earned skewering for their Capitol Hill dog-and-pony show that casts them as oppositional characters of those "Do Nothing" GOP war-mongers who handed America its U.S. Treasury-busting Iraq War.

Lest we forget, the Democrats are considering a $648.8 billion Defense budget laden with their porkish earmarks (remember their promished "earmark" reform?) that will top anything previous GOP-controlled Congresses managed to sneak past the American public.

An analysis last month of 309 Senate defense earmarks by the nonpartisan budget watchdog group Taxpayers for Common Sense found that "four of the top five 'earmarkers' were not Republican hawks but centrist and liberal Democrats."
[Michigan's Carl] Levin led the way with 44 earmarks. [New York's Hilliary] Clinton was second with 26. [Senator Leader Harry] Reed was fourth with 23, one behind Republican John Warner of Virginia. In fifth place was Charles Schumer of New York with 21. When asked if she saw any change in defense earmark behavior since the Democrats took back the House and the Senate, senior analyst Laura Peterson of the Taxpayers for Common Sense said over the telephone, “No.”
But Senate Democrats nonetheless cooked up a gimmick for their showy anti-war posturing: Feign faux-anger at Repubs during their pajama-party faux-vote on the Iraq War using large-print signs crafted by overworked staffers.

Watch Stewart roast Senators for their floor show. Dear American Democracy, RIP.

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