Wednesday, August 15

Canadians Massing for SPP Protest This Weekend

This morning my email inbox contained notices of grassroot actions in Canada beginning Sunday to protest a secretive SPP meeting in Quebec involving George Bush and his Canadian and Mexican counterparts.

"What is the SPP"--the Security and Prosperity Partnership--you ask? According to the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty in Toronto (
The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) was established in March 2005, at a summit of the Heads of State of Canada, the US, and Mexico held in Cancun.

The SPP is not an official treaty; it is not a law that will be debated in the House of Commons. As such, it has been able to escape public scrutiny, and has been negotiated by business and government representatives at meetings from which the press are excluded.

The founding premise of the SPP is that an agenda of economic free trade and national security will result in prosperity.

But prosperity for who?

Since the North American Free Trade Agreement has implemented in 1994, it has brought wealth only to corporations and to a slim business class, while increasing poverty and displacement for the vast majority of people. In Mexico, NAFTA has created a 6 million job deficit, and is responsible for the displacement of millions of farmers who have left their homes to find work elsewhere in the borderland maquilas, and in the US and Canada.
Posted to his U.S. House website on, appropriately, last Halloween Eve, Rep. Ron Paul of Texas--the GOP's populist presidential candidate for 2008-- detailed how "SPP" was politically correct jargon masking an impending North American Union, a political and economic amalgam promoted by a wealthy elite to the detriment of average Americans.

In discussing the planned "NAFTA Superhighway"--80 mostly toll "commerce corridors" slicing north and south throughout the U.S.--to physically link America with Canada and Mexico, Paul said the construction project "will require coordinated federal and state eminent domain actions on an unprecedented scale, as literally millions of people and businesses could be displaced. The loss of whole communities is almost certain, as planners cannot wind the highway around every quaint town, historic building, or senior citizen apartment for thousands of miles."

Is it any surprise Dr. Paul 's views are dangerous to the quiet sell-out of Americans, and thus regularly are censored (and here and here) by the elite-controlled mainstream media?

From Sunday until Tuesday (19 August-21 August), OCAP and other Canadian groups are organizing protests in Ottawa and Montebllo against the SPP/NAU.

OCAP lists the following sites for more information on those groups :

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