Friday, August 3

Feds Begin "Operation Pat Down" for Indianapolis Bus System

Will Transportation Security Agency searchers soon be showing up at bus stops in your home town to condition you to the new Police State via bus stop pat downs and bag searches?

I can't believe this is happening in America--in Indianapolis. But here's what an Indy Star "staff" writer reported on 2 August:
Screeners from the Transportation Security Administration checked passengers at two Downtown city bus stops this morning, looking for weapons and suspicious behavior.

David Kane, federal security director for TSA in Indianapolis, called it a "VIPR" operation.

"It's called Visual Intermodal Prevention Response. We have plainclothes inspectors, blue-gloved uniformed security officers who are checking baggage, the behavior detection officers, and federal air marshals, which are the law enforcement arm of TSA."

Security stations were set up at bus stops at Capitol Avenue and Market Street, and Ohio and Meridian streets.

Some passengers were patted down or submitted to having bags checked.

TSA said the searches were “by-permission,” meaning patrons could decline to be checked. Those who did would not be turned away, an official said, unless they otherwise appeared to be a security threat.
Line up sheeple and let the fascists pat you down--by permission only, of course.

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