Sunday, August 12

Playing with Old DC Paradigm of Dems v. GOP

Last Saturday, staff writer Lisa Lerer (right) reported that several former Justice Department civil liberties lawyers were going against their professional nature to gird their loins for a battle royale in retaliation against Attorney General Alberto Gonzales for their caviler termination.

After months of scandal, firings and some testimony from Gonzales that many on Capitol Hill found wholly unsatisfying, these ex-Justice Department employees are taking a rare step and fighting back.

Former employees of the Civil Rights Division are channeling their workplace rage into lobbying force. The government lawyers say they were ignored, disrespected and kicked out by Bush appointees. The attorneys describe an increasingly partisan workplace, where political appointees intimidated career lawyers and undermined civil rights to push political agendas.

...For a government lawyer, it's the equivalent of going postal. "These are people who have spent their entire lives being loyal [to the department]," said Mark Agrast, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress focused on legal issues. "It goes against their grain to speak out."

With Gonzales squarely in its sights, Congress is paying close attention. New nominees to the department are ducking for cover. And the ex-employees are just getting started....more
My dear Lisa. Have you noticed that "Showtime" Gonzales has remained in the 11oth Dems' "cross hairs" since January? How is it possible that just lawmakers have not charged that chronic liar with perjury?

So you really believe "Congress is paying close attention" to Gonzales' former subordinates in the civil rights division?

Dear lady, do get a grip. Any American who can read and possesses an IQ above room temperature can't possibly believe Democrats are offering an substantive alternative to their cross-aisle "rivals."

I'm sorry for you.

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