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The Progressive's Post-9/11 McCarthyism Watch

Since December 2001, Mathew Rothchild, editor of The Progressive, has compiled 21 web pages of post-9/11 attacks on American civil liberties through irregular updates to his "McCarthyism Watch."

Lest we forget, Joseph McCarthy (right), with three unimpressive years in the U.S. Senate after succeeding Wisconsin's venerable progressive Robert La Follette, "rose suddenly to national fame in 1950 when he asserted in a speech that he had a list of 'members of the Communist Party and members of a spy ring' who were employed in the State Department" and other federal offices. "However, McCarthy was never able to substantiate his sensational charges."

His tactic of targeting his and the U.S. military's political opponents by alleging unsubstantiated claims was memorialized nationally as "McCarthyism," a practice supplanted in the 21st century by the Fox News Network signature slogan of "fair and balanced" to characterize routinely slanderous character assassination of political opponents palmed off on insentient viewers as objective journalism.

In the end, the hypocritical McCarthy's own demons brought him down. Besides being an alleged alcoholic, he also was scoring "his daily morphine script from Harry Anslinger, longtime head of the U.S. Federal Federal Bureau of Narcotics."

Below is page one of Rothchild's litany of modern day McCarthy-esque attacks on civil liberties.

White House Manual for Silencing Critics

July 9, 2007 By Matthew Rothschild

The document does contain a warning in bold, however: "Remember—avoid physical contact with demonstrators." It also advises to make sure that whatever action is taken to drown out the demonstrators does not "cause more negative publicity than if the demonstrators were simply left alone."

Santorum Aides, State Trooper, Settle Lawsuit with Bookstore Customers

June 27, 2007 By Matthew Rothschild

“It was totally unacceptable that we were led out of the bookstore like criminals just because we wanted to have a conversation with the Senator,” says the lead plaintiff.

Muslim American Detained at Border for Fifth Time, Agent Asks Him about Article at

June 25, 2007 By Matthew Rothschild

“I was put up against the wall and thoroughly frisked—any more thoroughly and I would have asked for flowers.”

Long Island Poet Deprived of Being Named Laureate Because of his Anti-Bush Writings

June 6, 2007 By Matthew Rothschild

“I am disappointed because I did look forward to reaching out and telling people to enjoy poetry. I believe in poetry, I believe poetry can move people.”

Iraq Vet Faces Penalty for Protesting War

June 1, 2007 By Matthew Rothschild

“Those who have risked their lives to defend the rights of all Americans have a special claim to those rights when they have completed their service,” says Adam Kokesh, who served as a Marine sergeant in Fallujah.

Vet Prosecuted for Opposing Recruitment in Library

Vet Prosecuted for Opposing Recruitment in Library
May 14, 2007 By Matthew Rothschild

His wife was putting up 3x5 cards on the window of the room used by the recruiters.

“Don’t fall for it! Military recruiters lie,” said one.

“It’s not honorable to fight for a lying President,” said another.

Then the police came.

Top Teacher Shown the Door After Showing “Baghdad ER”

Top Teacher Shown the Door After Showing “Baghdad ER”
May 10, 2007 By Matthew Rothschild

“Teachers that teach against the grain often have difficulties with school systems. What has happened to me is certainly not unusual.”

Muslim American Grilled at Border Over Religion, Letter to the Editor

Muslim American Grilled at Border Over Religion, Letter to the Editor
May 9, 2007 By Matthew Rothschild

“Now, not only am I being persecuted for my faith, but I’m being persecuted for a personal opinion. This is getting too Orwellian. Is this what it comes down to? Is this where I live? Is this the country I love?”

Woman with MPEACHW Plates Prevails

Woman with MPEACHW Plates Prevails
May 8, 2007 By Matthew Rothschild

“This has been literally one of the most significant experiences of my life,” she says. “It’s been absolutely humbling to see how many people were willing to go to bat for me on this issue.”

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