Thursday, September 20

Borat Skewers U.S. Heartland's Passive Fascists

Since devising his patented line of comedy to give American cultural stupidity its due, British comedian "Borat" of "Kysitstan" has made a small fortune poking fun at Yankish icons like sports stars and baseball.

We Heartland Amerikans richly deserve the pointed end of Borat's sharp satirical wit, which may have taken in as many of us as have four generations of scams and scandals from the Bush family.

Watch the comedian received applause from rodeo fans in Virginia by claiming he and his country support Amerika's "war of terror," followed by "May George Bush drink the blood of every single man, woman and child of Iraq" and launching into our faux- version of our Star Spangled Banner with lyrics changed to.... Well, watch and listen.

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