Monday, October 1

"U.S. Out of Vermont": Green Mountain State Leading U.S. Separatist Movement

Emboldened by Vermont's "flagship" secession movement, "over half" the U.S. states have followed suit.

Earlier this summer, a FOXXX News Network anchor asked viewers without a smattering of rhetoric "Could the fourteenth state to join the nation successfully become the first to leave?".

He then introduced correspondent Douglas Kennedy, who reported from Vermont on residents' growing displeasure with America's corporate-controlled federal political system. Though you hardly would know it from mainstream media, secession talk in Vermont has animated similar dialogue in "over half" the states, effectively prompting a grassroots states' separatist movement.

In the three-minute clip below, Kennedy "explores the Vermont independence effort, featuring an interview with Second Vermont Republic (SVR) chair Thomas Naylor," a retired Duke University economic professor now residing in Vermont; Naylor advises a growing portion of the state's residents who, simply put, believe the Bush White House, GOP and Democrats--as evidenced in their corrupt prosecution of the White House's contrived war in Iraq--have sold out Americans to the highest-bidding business-friendly fascists.

A month after Kennedy filed his report, Foxxx News' Bill O'Reilly interviewed Naylor (4:23-minute clip below) on Spin Factor, a program steadily losing audience share to MSNBC Keith Olbermann's Countdown, where the intrepid essayist Olbermann regularly skewers O'Reilly for his claims to bogus journalism awards, creative recollection of American history and dubious interpretation of current affairs.

Related: Milkhouse Mouse covered Vermont's secession movement last October. "Find out more about the VT independence effort by visiting us online at,,, or"

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