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U.S. Oil Grab of Iraqi Reserves Fiat Accompli

Because congressional Democrats took legal bribes--euphemistically called "campaign contributions"-- from oil lobbyists, US oil companies' successful efforts at stealing Iraqi oil reserves has quietly eluded public notice--though British reports on the topic coincided with the Democrat leadership's convening of the 110th Congress. Perhaps they nor their staff read British newspapers.

Diary Entry by Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo

Iraq Oil Grab Nears Completion: Big Oil Poised to Sign Lucrative Deals Link

By Ben Lando, UPI. Posted December 7, 2007.

It Always Was About The Oil, Now Wasn't It?

Well there, it is just as I predicted in 2002. No, as I predicted to Ronald Reagan's face in 1985. No, as I also predicted in 1960.

It was, is now and ever shall be, only about the oil-oh, and about sadism. Demoniacs always try to have an orgasm through sadism.

That's right I have written about it several times here on dating back almost a year. I wrote about it on my Blog in 2006.

I wrote about in 2 years ago in my news letters and told Ronald Reagan about it in 1985 and my board Game:


I made the game as a prediction/warning, that
one day Consummate Evil would grip our nation as it once did Nazi Germany.

I designed the game as a kid and made 150 prototypes. Each of four nations had 120 playing pieces made of metal, wood and Good, American, non-toxic plastic. I still have an updated copy of it in my closet. Back then the game sold for $150.00 and I sold all of them except the one I kept and updated. I was entranced with the notion of predicting the future by assessing probabilities and the game grew out of my *Mathematical Games Theory and Probability and an assertion that oil would dominate the next 30 years. Back then when gasoline was $00.15-$00.25 a gallon at the pump. Of course, it is only worth, right now, what it was selling for at the pump in 2003 in Iraq, $00.05 a gallon, or what it sells for in Venezuela right now, $00.12 a gallon.

It was my prophetic war game and I have a new one, but it is a secret.

As to the Bushites, The Blairites, they are happy, they have stolen the oil of another nation, an unforgivable evil of avarice, mass murder and war criminal behavior. Their fate in Hell is sealed, so is that of Nancy Pelosi and Emanuel Rahm for not taking the Bushites down through impeachment while they had the chance. Omission is as great an evil as acquiesence and perpetration, maybe worse

Well have fun... oh and before I go, I lied. While it is true that I designed the games using
*Mathematical Games Theory and Probability, the reality is that God sends an angel with each prediction and a money back warrantee [sic] of accuracy. That means if I am ever wrong, HE will refund what you paid for your subscription* to you. (The guarantee does not include your donations.)

Bytheway, 14 years after I designed the war game TOTAL WAREFARE: THEN GRAB THE OIL!, (1974) and the three created four other versions: A WWII/1960's Version, one with, one without the oil version , a Napoleonic Version, A Caesarian Version and a Pirate boarding game version, I sent a copy of it to two companies. One of them stole it and passed it on until it became a best selling board game but without the oil involvement. That is correct, a fellow made a 30 year career out of my designs and got away with it. I wonder if it is too late to sue him? Well he made a career out of my game idea and so I wish him well, because from what I heard it was the only good idea he ever had, so I am glad I was able to save him from poverty.

That's it. Have a nice weekend, if you can.


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