Sunday, January 27

Old Wine, Newer Bottle: Socialism's New World Order Resembles Neo-Fascist Version

With a symbolic nod to political "fairness" (whatever that term might mean in the 21st century), I've appended below Dr. Dennis L. Cuddy's 20th-century chronology of evolving "new world order" developments from a leftist/socialist perspective.

Since most of us are too well-versed in the Bush-Cheney neo-fascist world order, a fresh approach to global collectivism is most welcomed.

But, hey, what'da ya know, the two human colonizing perspectives are--to paraphrase former George Washington University history professor and State Department consultant Carroll Quigley--fundamentally identical.

Cuddy regularly writes commentary for NewsWithViews. com. In a 17 December 2007 NWV column, he situated the emerging North American Union in "the larger plan" for a new world order.

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