Friday, January 4

Pittsburgh Big Brother Brain Machine: "I Know What You Are Thinking..."

"Was ist los? Ya, I kann see vat u r theeking of our rigged money-laundering machzine, the 'Iraq War', American dissident...."

Stephen Spielberg's visionary film Artificial Intelligence anticipates The State Police charging citizens for "thought crimes." U.S. researchers in Pennsylvania recently nudged that futurist concept from the Sci-Fi Channel to fascist fruition.

I first read--not in an Amerikan paper--but in London's Daily Mail (archived 3 January 2008 at developmental exploits of researchers at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon U. Titled "Scientists create machine that knows what you are thinking," staff writer Fiona McCrae writes:
Scientists have developed a machine which is capable of reading our mind and revealing our most private thoughts.

American researchers from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, found that, with the aid of a sophisticated scanner and computer programme, they were able to determine how the brain lights up when thinking about different subjects.

Using an advanced form of MRI scanner, they analysed how the brain reacted to ten drawings of tools and buildings.

They then used a computer programme to work out whether a person was thinking about a tool or a building.

The researchers' analysis was found to be 97 per cent accurate but they went on to show that they could distinguish between two similar objects, such as two different tools, almost as successfully.

This is the first time the technique has been finetuned to distinguish between similar objects....Read more
Say what you will of those corporate neo-conic oil fascists ensconced in the White House; they are evolving "technological mass slavery" into the 21st-century's New Science and Art Form. In fine Orwellian fashion, their New World Order Science Establishment soon will endow "Computerized Peace Science" chairs in recognition of this line of academic study; then its but a matter of years before they convince us these morally-stunted humans warrant a Nobel Peace Prize.

Hey, maybe Spielberg will do a film treatment of the topic.

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