Tuesday, January 15

Prez Bush with Sidekicks Dick & Dems: Lying "Imps" with a Mental Limp

So what should we do about the imp
Who sucks the juice from every--peach

that's growing on our cultivated--Bush?

...(Now in rounds:... Imp-peach-Bush, Imp-peach-Bush
and Cheney, too. ---"The Imp Song"

The gentle back-to-the-landers featured below in the 80-second clip-- convening their sing-around somewhere on home ground yet forfeited to Bush's Orwellian 2006 revamped eminent domain executive order--offer YouTube viewers a witty ditty for warding off post-9/11 neoconic voodoo.

Since we're on the topic of organized populist protest--as opposed to bogus corporate "protest"-- in favor of impeachment, let's roll, shall we?

The following 7-minute composite MSNBC/Olbermann and Fox News segment--replete with cheap Fox character attacks passing for "journalism"--is a dated, but nonetheless demonstrates that House Demon-crat leadership--specifically, neo-neoconic Steney Hoyer--nixed a Cheney impeachment bill drafted by Ohio Democrat Dennis Kucinich*.

You may recall it was Kucinich who in December 2006 blew the whistle on his party's leadership--Hoyer, Nancy Pelosi, Silvestre Reyes, John Conyers, David Obey et al.--for a classic "bait-and-switch" on a 2006 congressional campaign promise that Democrats would offer America an alternative to the Bush-Cheney White House's manufactured war in Iraq.

No such luck: Even before they gaveled the 110th Congress to order in January 2007, Dem House leaders instructed their flock--where is Rep. Cynthia McKinney when you need her?-- to supporting war funding in Iraq and Afghanistan. Denied for 12 years during their House minorityship from cashing in on pork barrel earmarks, Dems heartily compiled, cashing in with $21.3 billion --with the Dem-led Senate nine months completing the heist-- pilfered from the U.S. Treasury by earmarking pet projects from family and friends back home above what the White House sought.

Blatant circus, in-your-face; no shame, no? In any event, here's Olberman pillorying Dem "leaders" for fumbling Kucinich's Cheney impeachment bill, followed by two minutes from the psy-ops crew over at Fox.

Let me conclude with this 4-minute shellacking of the moribund Democrat congress delivered a week ago by CNN resident curmudgeon Jack Cafferty. Look closely and see resident CNN lackey Wolf Blitzer hardly manage the requisite amount of politically-correct tolerance from another broadside from ol' Smack-em Jack.

Thank you for your service to America, Jack. Love ya, guy.

Let me conclude this entry with this spot-on quote from lying imp Bill Clinton's Georgetown University history professor Carroll Quigley:
[T]he two parties should be almost identical, so that the American...people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. --Georgetown University historian and U.S. State Department consultant Carroll Quigley, in his 1966 book Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time, on the U.S.power elite's manipulation of America's pseudo-two party system in forwarding its globalist agenda
So, my fellow Americans, all together now: Let's suck that peach from the bush and "Impeach Bush." Any questions?

*Related: As if network TV constant denigrating him with such labels as "moonbeam," "vegan" and "UFO" weren't sufficient to invalidate his public legitimacy as a presidential candidate, NBC had filed suit to prevent Kuncinich's participation in the upcoming Nevada debates.

But yesterday (14 January), a Nevada court ruled that Kuncinich will be able to inject some left-of-center thoughts into the scripted debate. See AP article "Judge Grants Kucinich Entry to NV Debate."

Let me thank NBC's parent company, giant defense contractor General Electric--which has dropped its longtime corporate motto of "We bring good things to life."-- for its heartfelt effort to insulate my fragile psyche from all that rapid anti-war delirium Kucinich is spreading across the American Fruited Plane.

Also see:
.... Oh, yes; I nearly forgot: Courtesy of CBS's Late Night host David Letterman, the imp-in-chief tries to laugh at his famous mental limp as part of C-SPAN's coverage of last year's Washington Correspondent Dinner:

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