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UK News, Los Angeles Filmmaker Nuke McCain's Presidential "Character"

Here's some sordid British coverage of the US's presidential dog-and-pony popularity contest coming this fall to one of George Bush's devastated American communities near you. That's followed by more substantive yet brief bash-up of a 1990s bipartisan U.S. Senate scandal involving McCain. Count of Post-9/11 America mainstream media to ignore it all.

Dishing up a delicious helping of sordid marital gossip all American news media will forgo on behalf of the GOP's "family values" 2008 presidential candidate, London Daily Mail's 8 June issue offered British readers some Bill Clint0nesque sexual vetting of John McCain's lauded "character."

... Ted Sampley, who fought with US Special Forces in Vietnam [where Navy pilot John McCain was downed, captured and tortured by the North Vietnamese for five years] and is now a leading campaigner for veterans’ rights, said: ‘I have been following John McCain’s career for nearly 20 years. I know him personally. There is something wrong with this guy and let me tell you what it is – deceit.

‘When he came home [after his release in 1973] and saw that [his wife] Carol [now severely injured and crippled from an auto accident during his absence] was not the beauty he left behind, he started running around on her almost right away. Everybody around him knew it.

‘Eventually he met [current wife] Cindy and she was young and beautiful and very wealthy. At that point McCain just dumped Carol for something he thought was better.

‘This is a guy who makes such a big deal about his character. He has no character. He is a fake. If there was any character in that first marriage, it all belonged to Carol.’

One old friend of the McCains said: ‘Carol always insists she is not bitter, but I think that’s a defence mechanism. She also feels deeply in his debt because in return for her agreement to a divorce, he promised to pay for her medical care for the rest of her life.’

Carol remained resolutely loyal as McCain’s political star rose. She says she agreed to talk to The Mail on Sunday only because she wanted to publicise her support for the man who abandoned her.

Indeed, the old Mercedes that she uses to run errands displays both a disabled badge and a sticker encouraging people to vote for her ex-husband. ‘He’s a good guy,’ she assured us. ‘We are still good friends. He is the best man for president.’

But Ross Perot, who paid her medical bills all those years ago, now believes that both Carol McCain and the American people have been taken in by a man who is unusually slick and cruel – even by the standards of modern politics.

‘McCain is the classic opportunist. He’s always reaching for attention and glory,’ he said.

‘After he came home, Carol walked with a limp. So he threw her over for a poster girl with big money from Arizona. And the rest is history.’

Could there be any truth to the lingering rumor McCain jealously harbors a residual fantasy of trying out one of reprobate Bill Clinton's Oval Orifice Cuban cigar trick the then-teflon president reserved for ticklish tastes of young and wealthy female interns?

Since sexapades rather than contrived Middle East oil wars make for presidential impeachment since December 2000, inquiring minds want--nay, need--to know.

Ah, yes.... But aside from the tawdry and salacious, paltry little else of Washington, D.C.'s Post-9/11 merry-go-round is considered "newsworthy" these days.

Though some eager cub reporter might excavate McCain's Keating Five savings and loan bank scandal as dutiful public recycling, you certainly won't hear anything of McCain's treasonous sell-out in the early 1990s of fellow Vietnam War POWs.

May I direct your attention to Los Angeles filmmaker Bill Dumas's riveting but shamefully marginalized 2004 documentary Missing, Presumed Dead, a love offering to his Uncle Bob's 50-year search for Bob's brother Roger.

On her death bed, Bob's mother made him promise to find Roger, for years counted among the 10,000 soldiers missing in action in Korea after the Communists failed to repatriate him to the U.S. after the war.

In 1992, Uncle Bob's insistence--along with revelations by Vietnam War-era Green Beret Colonel Bo Gritiz following his MIA/POW mission funded by then-presidential candidate and millionaire H. Ross Perot--forced the U.S. Senate to hold hearings on American soldiers abandoned on the battlefields of Vietnam and Korea.

Testifying before Senators John McCain and Democrat committee chair John Kerry, Bob appears first in this 4-minute clip; at the end of the segment Tracy Ursy, Kerry's principal investigator during those hearings (with glasses and white goatee), casually informs viewers what his boss received as compensation for keeping the congressional door closed on our remaining MIAs and POWs in Asia.

Related: For a even finer--and more startling--assessment (with slight repetition) of McCain and John Kerry's obstructionism in the U.S. Senate--though House Republicans unanimously voted with their Democrat colleagues to declassify key Vietnam War-era documents--watch this 8-minute clip sponsored by Vietnam Veterans Against McCain.

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