Monday, July 14

US Energy Department says Chemtrails Replacing Contrails in Weather Modification

US TV stations around the US now appear more interested in at least one "conspiracy theory" about dangerous biologicals and chemicals being jetisoned in the wake of jet aircraft, i.e., "chemtrails.

For openers, WPLG-TV in Miami (no date available) inserts this Chemtrails 101, on a jet dumping called "chaff," note in a weather report.

Earlier this year, a Tampa Bay station also mentioned "chaff" interfering with its weather radar.

TV Analysis

In 2005 or 2006, a NBC News affiliate near San Bernadino, California filed this intriguing report below, which partially distinguishes between "contrails"--the creation of jet planes, which the government willingly confirms--and "chemtrails," which are, for now, officially do not exist.

It gets better.

The money shot, for me, in the 4 1/2 minute clip is UC-Irvine professor and Department of Energy contractor Dr. Gregory Binford's admission the US government indeed was modifying weather patterns by creating, for lack of a better term, "contrails clouds"--although "chemtrail clouds," the reporter assures us (and Binford seemingly confirms this, although the editing is tricky here), would be in America's future--for counteracting global warming. (Yes, the weather nonphenomenon the White House calls "hot air."

We also learn that earlier this year the US Senate proposed a weather-modification bill--S 517 --which never became law.

An unnamed southwestern Arkansas news station (Ft. Smith?) also goes beyonnd the superficial, actually giving chemtrails a serious consideration.

Now consider these observations by former Oak Ridge epidemiological researcher Rosie Bertell offered on chemtrails in this 2005 interview by Snowshoe Films:

With failure of S 517, it's no telling how long it will take the US military to admit what it officially says now does not.

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