Sunday, September 21

Most Credible Whistle Blower Revives Her Message on Official Lies

The French film Kill the Messenger, a documentary that reveals why Sibel Edmonds, a FBI linguist fired for questioning internal criminality, earned the unflattering characterization as "America's most gagged woman."

The reason is simple, really: She threatens some Americans she has linked to terrorist friends of Bin Laden. Her translations of pre-9/11 FBI wiretaps were found threatening to "national security," i.e., to twenty American businessmen and politicos--among them former GOP House Speaker Dennis Hastert (and archived here)-- who Edmonds claims knew of the impending the terrorist attacks on America.
Sibel Edmonds, a 32-year-old Turkish-American, was hired as a translator by the FBI shortly after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 because of her knowledge of Middle Eastern languages. She was fired less than a year later in March 2002 for reporting shoddy work and security breaches to her supervisors that could have prevented those attacks.
In May, Canadian newspaper The Vancouver Sun rated Kill the Messenger as one of six "best bet" films premiered at that city's 2008 DOXA documentary film festival, noting "the cold, crass efforts by officials in the U.S. to bring down Sibel Edmonds" who "is interrogated, fired, and subjected to a relentless campaign of intimidation."

Watch the 52-minute documentary below before Google removes it--again--from its website. (Around the 23:30 minute mark, hear two ACLU lawyers effectively tell viewers, in light of what later happens to Sibel in the courtroom, that the U.S. is no longer a democracy.)

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