Tuesday, November 11

Iraq War: Impeach the Bit*hes and Bast**ds!

"Who does the President think he's f***in' kiddin'."--Keith Olderman, MSNBC

"[They] should be in f***ing jail."--Sean Penn, The Bill Maher Show, HBO

"Seig heil, you nazi son-of-a-bi*ch."--College Student to program speaker Paul Wolfowitz

You hear all those quotes--and much more--below in the brilliant collage of images and sound-bytes gleaned from eight years of fascist rule in America.

For whatever it may be worth to the Die-Harder faithful at this late juncture of the Bush White House's 9/11 and post-9/11 global crime spree, Rep. John Conyers, Democrat chair of the US House Judiciary Committee, again is saying he'll drink the impeachment-ade.

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