Tuesday, May 19

Doofus Boofus Bush

I confess I have moments when I miss unCurious George W. and his inane idiocies he so generously splashed across America's TV screens; I miss all his graceless spiting, nose-scratching, winks, nods, smirks and chronic inability to employ a successful three-syllable word vocabulary.

Bush oratory skills serves as an apt metaphor for the state of American democracy in the 21st century.

Granted, Obama is the kinder-gentler supporter of the wealthy and their fascism who oratory prowess is easy on the eye and ear; I'll eventually adjust.

But Bush's eight-year white House residency left me a lingering near-addiction for official idiocy.

Those TV nasties the Young Turks serve up in the clip about 10-minutes of Shurb's unbelievable impersonation of a world leader with an IQ of 78.

God bless you, George. Hope the alcohol is still holding out for you there in Crawford, Texas. But, hey, now you got Secret Service to make those 2AM runs for you to the liquor store in Fort Worth.

Glad I could contribute more of my tax dollars to another worthy Bush cause.

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