Tuesday, May 19

Fox Fumes, Fumbles Freewheeling Mayoral Rant for Working Class America

Another onair affair at Fox News with an informed puglist refusing to fit into prefabricated conceptual box favoring the American ruling elite and their wealthy supporters.

Virg Bernero, major of Lansing, Michigan, provides a Fox News pundit "Greg" some basic schooling in American Class Economics 101.

It's so refreshing to hear an interview--albeit, one-sided--situate Wall Street bailout thievery in proper context of US "thirdworldization"--the "race to the bottom.

Greg, buddy, you were so lame at defusing the "class bomb" Major Bernero dropped on your set. Your hopwnder and Aussie "Rupert, Rupert" won't be pleased with your inability to shout down, Hannity-style, a guest unwilling to talk out of the economic and conceptual box you pundits force them them in.

While the Democratic Party once was populated by the likes of Virg Bernero, we now have collosal sell-outs of the Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid variety "looking out" for the rights of working-class America.

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