Tuesday, May 26

Paper Lottery: Which US City Will Be First to Loose Its Daily Newspapers?

The impending demise of mainstream print journalism is a proxy measure of our compromised Fourth Estate: The colossal disparity between urgent post-9/11 news read on the internet and what major U.S. papers instead printed as "news" finally is catching up with those sold-out cowards of mainstream journalism.

Of course, we are compelled to read news item online from a UK news daily:
... Philadelphia has all modern America can offer, for better or worse: wealth, crime, politics, sports, art and culture. But what it might not have soon is a newspaper.

It is running in a race no one wants to win: which major US city will be the first to lose all its daily papers? Los Angeles, Boston, Detroit, San Francisco, Miami, Denver and Newark are just a few of the other reluctant participants. The impact of losing all newspapers in these cities is potentially profound; many fear it would be a blow to American democracy. They worry that the watchdog role the press has played will be removed. The bedrock on which much of civic society has been built since colonial times will start to crumble. Yet one of these cities could lose all print news within a year.
Since the 1980s, internationally renowned social and media critic Noam Chomsky systematically revealed the deeply flawed nature of U.S. print coverage, characterizing American news reporting generally as propaganda --as supportive of anti-democratic thievery promulgated by a national but increasingly global elite.

Doesn't that aptly characterize the Bush-Cheney White House?

The internet and blogosphere's post-9/11 reportage of the B & C White House's democracy fire sale enabled Americans as never before to witness in real time Chomsky's "propaganda model" of US news coverage.

All you Big Papers that refused to tell the truth and stubbornly insulted the intelligence of your readers, I pray your demise is as soon as it is peaceful.

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