Tuesday, August 18

9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan Not Only Wars DC "Bizarre Czars" Lying About

"[American Chemistry Society] Scientists tested bank notes [for cocaine residue] from more than 30 cities in the US, Canada, Brazil, China and Japan....The "cleanest' bills were collected from Salt Lake City, home of the Mormons."

[And the city with the "dirtiest" bills?]

"Analysis of bank notes from Washington DC, home to Congress and the US Presidency, were the most contaminated, with 95 per cent of them carrying minute amounts of the Schedule II (Class A in Britain) drug."--Source: London Independent, 17 August 2009

Though less dramatic than the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks on America and the wars they spawned, America's completely bogus "drug war" also has commandeered its unfair share of trashed tax dollars and victimized innocents since its inception in 1973.

As the poignant 10-minute E-CLIPP TV video below demonstrates, Bush-clone-Obama has dutifully continued the U.S. government's legacy of fascist drug czars recruited for political and propagandist whitewashing rather than a triple-digit IQ, fair-mindedness or objectivity.

Where the hell do you have to spend your life in the US to so willingly lend yourself to the variety of clueless compromised officialdom exhibited by Bambi's drug czar cum former Seattle police chief?

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