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U.S.-Promoted Kiddie, Drug Smuggling In Southeastern Iraq

Another sex slave scandal with underage teens involving the contractor formerly known as Blackwater (renamed "Xe"), a friendly of U.S. Fascism Central, along with some Afghani heroin and opium thrown in for good measure.

Join with me for a "golden oldie" moment excerpted from the rotting crypt that is the venal Cheney-Bush administration. The date: 11 March 2005. The event: U.S. House hearing on Defense Department FY2006 budgeting. Some of you may actually recall this incendiary exchange:
Rep. Christine McKinney (D-GA): Mr. Secretary, is it policy of the U.S. Government to reward companies that traffic in women and little girls?

[Defense Secretary Donald] Rumsfeld: Thank you, Representative. First, the answer to your first question is, is, no, absolutely not, the policy of the United States Government is clear, unambiguous, and opposed to the activities that you described. The second question.

McKinney: "Well how do you explain the fact that DynCorp and its successor companies have received and continue to receive government contracts?" [video clip here and here]
But as we found out months later, Rumsfeld was lying (again) about "policy":

His Pentagon neither had outlawed contractors' trafficking in forced labor or sex slaves. And oh, by the way, Rummy pal VP Dick Cheney's old company Halliburton subsidiary KBR--what McKinney termed "successor companies"--also continued receiving govern- ment contracts after charges were leveled for similar forms of trafficking.

(Note: The reason nothing can change America's hunger for pedophilia is, according to Ted Gunderson, former FBI supervisor of the Los Angeles field office, the U.S. Congress is deeply involved in all that lusty sex with children. See 8 October 2006 Milkhouse Mouse story "DC Trouser Treats: Washington's Pedophilia in the National Interest."*)

(And don't you know by DC standards, Rep. McKinney is an uppity nigress without a clue to "her place." For her indelicacy that day in outing ol' Rummy before the U.S. House and television cameras (okay; so it was C-SPAN), a GOP campaign hit committee rallied Republican voters to defeat six-time incumbent McKinney in Georgia's 2006 Democrat primary in the 4th congressional district. Unlike most states, Georgia permits cross-party voting in primaries.

That's just one strategy for handling dissident in Washington.

Blackwater Sex (and Drug?) Ring

Last night (Thursday, 6 August), MSNBC's news host Keith Olberman of Countdown quoted
from the employees’ sworn declarations —...that [US security contractor] Blackwater was guilty of using child prostitutes at its compound in Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone and that owner Erik Prince knew of this activity and did nothing to stop it.

The declarations describe Blackwater as “having young girls provide oral sex to Enterprise members in the ‘Blackwater Man Camp’ in exchange for one American dollar.” They add even though Prince frequently visited this camp, he “failed to stop the ongoing use of prostitutes, including child prostitutes, by his men.
So poverty in a war zone really is an "aphrodisiac" for the poor, right? But I digress:
The former employees additionally state that Prince was engaged in illegal arms dealing, money laundering, and tax evasion, that he created “a web of companies in order to obscure wrong-doing, fraud, and other crimes,” and that Blackwater’s chief financial officer had “resigned … stating he was not willing to go to jail for Erik Prince.
Hmmm..."Wrong-doing"? "Other crimes"? What in the world could this American press story be possibly be alluding to here?

Iraq's post-2003 role--after the US invasion--is totally marginalized by U.S., British and Canadian press. But last December, Alzeera-English correspondent Mosab Jasim, reporting from Amarah, Iraq, revealed that county's role in exportig Afghani opium and heroin into Europe, and implies the U.S. occupying forces' role esuring the success of Iraqi drug smuggling efforts.

Last December, Informed Consent blogger Juan Cole, a Professor in the University of Michigan's Middle East Studies program, commented on Jasim's reportage on Al Amarah's drug smuggling; he, however, forgoes any mention of US involvement, though Blackwater/Xe's creation of "a web of companies to obscure wrong-doing" is a U.S. intelligence Old School method for hiding involvement in and proceeds from drug smuggling.

*Lest we forget:

Click image to enlarge
Male prostitutes toured Bush 41 White House before federal agents were sent into the streets to collect and destroy copies of this Thursday, June 29, 1989 Washington Times headline story by Paul M. Rodriguez and George Archibald which led to multiple follow-up stories.

While this jpeg photo above of the 29 June 1989 Washington Times cover story appears widely on the web, I bet you didn't know the paper ran a series on stories on DC's sex ring involving children from 20 June 1989 to 2 February 1990.

If you read deeply enough, you'll understand why Senate Banking Committee chair Barny Frank (D-MA) was uncharacteristically mum during oversight hearings addressing the missing billions from the 2008 Wall Street Banking Bailout.

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