Sunday, August 16

Brown-Shirt Ball Breakers: Stephen Colbert and Lawrence O'Donnell

Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert, best commentator on the circus called "television news" (read: "faux-news") and MSNBC's Lawrence's O'Donnell recently engaged in something reminiscent of "journalism."

Thanks, Stephen, for skewering, in your uniquely statical style, that posturing-populist propagandist Glenn Beck of the Cuddly Nazi Network (CNN).

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And thanks to Lawrence O'Donnell as well. Apparently, softballer Chris Mathews took the evening off from Hardball last Thursday and his replacement-anchor Lawrence O'Donnell schooled posturing-populist propagandist Texas Republican congressman John Culberson on what is and isn't "socialism."

Could these exchanges on cable "news"--Colbert's satirical commentary and O'Donnell's confrontational interview--with two post-9/11 U.S. fascists be indicative of a trend? Might TV be trying to make its way back from that "wasteland" so eloquently rendered by English poet T.S. Eliot?


But get back to me if you see anymore signs of intelligent life, 'k?

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