Monday, May 26

BBC Reports US Waged Chemical Warfare in Fallujah

War crimes and crimes against humanity by any other name.... But, hey, who's to worry when given the option of watching the appropriately-named American Idol distraction appearing on Fox TV?

Though reported in November 2005, the two brief BBC news clips below to pertinent to the majority of Americans who never see mainstream media accounts about such atrocities committed with their money and in their name.

1. "US used phosphorous in Iraq"(88 seconds)

2. ...and civilians were killed, according to "US 'uses incendiary arms' in Iraq" (107 seconds)

Related: In March 2007, Milkhouse Mouse reported that Italian TV documented (25 minutes in clip #2) the US military's use of horrific laser weaponry on Iraqis during the 2003 battle for Baghdad international airport.

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